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Aluminum Floating Docks – Understanding Your Needs

Whether commercial or residential, it is essential to understand the difference between floating and stationary docks before you can best select what fits your specific needs.  Floating docks are constructed and placed over large airtight float drums that will allow it to float on the surface of the water. They are unique and practical because… Read more »

Preparing Your Docks for Winter

Floating docks typically go in the water each spring, and come out of the water each autumn. When temperatures in an area drop below freezing, ice forms on lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. Ice can damage floating docks, so it makes sense to remove the docks before the brutally cold weather comes. If… Read more »

Choosing Ace Floats By Den Hartog Industries For Your Docks

Boat docks need to float, and they need to last. Ace Floats are the top-of-the-line produced floating drums for docks. The Ace floats we use and sell have a minimum wall thickness of .125”, meaning they’re thicker than the competition, which ultimately leads to a longer lasting product. Ace Floats is currently the only manufacturer… Read more »

Floating Docks: How Do You Know If They’re Right For You?

  When you’re in the market for a new dock, you may realize that there are quite a few options lying in front of you. While many folks browse through all that is being offered, there may be one key factor that isn’t even being considered, but in the end, it can make all the… Read more »