Aluminum ADA Gangways

  • All gangways are totally maintenance free
  • All gangways are marine grade aluminum
  • All gangways offer superior loading capacity
  • Light weight gangway means less dock loading

ADA Gangways

Technidock manufactures a complete line of gangways and ramps which meet current ADA (American Disabilities Act) specifications.

Note: Please be aware the new ADA requirements allow a maximum gangway length of 80′.

    • ADA Ramps & Gangways are Totally Maintenance Free
    • ADA Ramps & Gangways are Marine Grade Aluminum
    • ADA Ramps & Gangways offer Superior Loading Capacity
    • Technidock will meet all current Disabilities Act requirements

Here are some links that provide more information about building docks to code.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act

International Code Council

National Fire Protection Association

Contact us for specifications, pricing and details.

Gangways Slope Chart