The Benefits of Hot Dipped Galvanized Hardware

Hot dipped galvanized hardware is renowned for its superior coating, and for being incredibly reliable.  Galvanizing hardware offers many advantages, which is why TechniDock has our connectors undergo the process.  The thorough process combines connectors with molten zinc in a high temperature container.   Below is a list of three advantages of using hot dipped galvanized hardware.

  1. The coating of hot dipped galvanized hardware offers an unmatched level of corrosion protection, extending the life of the tabs, while also making your platform more durable.
  2. By undergoing the galvanizing process, the pieces will be less susceptible to rust buildup.
  3. The galvanizing process is weather resistant, ensuring owners will not need to worry about their hardware being adversely affected by inclement weather.

TechniDock has two types of connectors, the Male (1 Tab) and our Female (2 Tabs) that undergo the galvanizing process.  Comparatively, our male connector is ¾’’, while our competitor’s male connectors are ½’’.  Our connectors are simply more reliable, durable and of higher quality.  Utilizing superior hardware can extend the life of your dock, and prevent you from having to perform continual maintenance.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the benefits of our connectors, please contact us at your convenience.