Assessing the Damage After Hurricane Sandy!


Thankful we can say the worst is over for those of us who got to feel the wrath of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast this week. Now the important thing for us to do is take a look around us and assess the damage. Did your floating dock survive or did it fall victim to Frankenstorm?


For those of you who didn’t end up on the lucky end of things, right now is a good time to start looking into making repairs and replacements. You don’t want to put if off and then have to wait around for parts to come in during the summertime when you’d much rather get outside and on the water as soon as possible. For those of you who would prefer to rebuild on your own, TechniDock Inc. has a wide selection of dock building hardware, cleats, fasteners and more. Feel free to browse through the “Parts” page of our website and see if you can find the right pieces for your situation! TechniDock also has over 60 different sizes of the industry’s premier float drums that are designed to last many years to come.


If however, you’ve purchased insurance for your dock and suffered more damage than a few replacement parts can fix, we’ve still got you covered. TechniDock has plenty of turnkey products that to get you up and running again right away!


For more information on dock building hardware and turnkey services, contact us here at TechniDock Inc. Hurricane Sandy managed to turn many of our lives upside down for a week but don’t let her damage linger! Take care of your floating dock repair and replacement needs today!